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SOFIA's mission in short may be described as below:-

1. To inspire individuals and communities of Bankura district to use this gift of technology for their own advantages. The mission is to enable communities to be aware and conscious of the utility and necessity to using this website for Socio economic developemnt and culture
resulting socio-economic awakening and upliftment of the masses.

2. To facilitate of
information on Bankura in every possible methods e.g. Websites, Mobile-WAP sites, and making information services available in local language content also.

To fill in the gaps of digital divide in this district in terms of content gap, information and awareness gap, technology gap
4. To make social-welfare or community - like making Blood Donnation camps, Eye testing and operation camps, Providing vitamins to pregnant mothers and childs, preventing TB by health check-up and providing know how & medicine, donating books to needy students, making arrangement of Full Free health treatement to the people living below poverty, helping hands with local administration in various development works, etc. and many more as and when required.
To open Cyber-centers throughout the district covering almost all the people to allow then access to the information and services with the help of Internet & Intranet. In keeping with the Technology Development Program SOFIA will continue to provide high priority services related to agriculture, health & hygiene, employment, education, communication and the like.

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