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Our First Effort :-

Just after establishing this organization in Feb. 2001, we have started developing an exclusively designed Web Site [ .] with some very specific aims and objectives, which very few companies /organizations in India have ever dreamt of, we are determined to bring in new and fresh ideas to the concept of web development with lots of information presented through attractive layout and amazing media.
Filled with vast
Natural, Cultural and Human resources, the District BANKURA is still economically underdeveloped, with ruthless exploitation and poverty. We believe that appreciation of National and International community towards a mass consciousness and state-of-art, strategic planning is seriously needed for a happy socio-economic life and a cultural globalization of Bankura.
Bankura, a beautiful district of West Bengal, India – boasts a glorious history, rich cultural heritage, array of forms of arts, eminent personals and places worth visiting, All these have been brought forth in an exclusive website - – seeks to responds to the district’s need of communicating with the international community and to promote its natural, cultural and human resources along with a social-networking approach.
So one of the very basic objectives, to develop the site is to promote all the available resources. At the same time the site will work as a communicator between Artists, Sculptures, Writers, peoples etc. of the District throughout the World.

Our Second Effort :-

Objective:- The district has 206 Nos. Stone Crusher units with above 6000 labor. Most of them are migrated labor. As there is a chance of spreading of diseases like AIDS/HIV due to their incognizant life style, we approached for necessary assistance to Deputy CMOH-II of Bankura with a proposal of organizing awareness programs amongst Stone-crusher and Stone-quarry workers by means of cultural programs on local Folk media as we think that Folk-songs, Folk Music etc. are the best media to make aware this class of people.
Awareness & Feedback:- In accordance with the assistance, we have already organized two programs among those workers with the help of locally popular cultural artists. An unexpected response has been received. Most of the people tried to explain their problems without any hesitation. Feedback forms of more than 150 individuals has been collected.
Result:- The result shows that a majority of these people maintained an unprotected, polygamous & less-hygienic sexual life, causing various types of health hazards and sexual problems. A risk of infection of any disease like HIV/AIDS etc. is always there. So periodical medical checkups, awareness drives and peer-participatory efforts are needed to make them safe and the society also.

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